Comparison EDFIN Banks
Interest Rates
Smaller Loans (<6 Lacs)
Larger loans (>6 Lacs, 25 Lacs) Maybe
Large Loans (>25 Lacs)
Career Mentorship
Personalized access to alumni in leading industry
Availability of Loans
  • 1. Career Mentorship Component

    The ultimate purpose of study abroad is not to simply get a “degree” but to use that degree as a springboard for a successful career.

  • 2. Greatest Convenience

    Fast loan approval and disbursement

    For future disbursements, just drop us a message.

    Parents don’t have to struggle to follow-up for months as they might with many banks.

  • 3. Financial Assistance to All Students

    Banks approve only 5% of loans to undergrad students.

    Financial burden on parents and students for undergrad education is very high.

    We want to support all students.