Finance often proves to be a challenge for students and parents. In foreign countries, students are able to receive education loans; however, in India, barely 5% of students who apply for loans to finance their undergraduate education abroad are approved.

EDFIN will change that. Money should never come in way of an ideal education. In pursuit of this ideal, we have created a unique and thoughtful service. We want not only to make financial loans available to students, but also to transform the way families think about higher education. We at Hora believe that an elite education is a privilege, and that students are the engines of their education. The first step to igniting that engine is bearing shared responsibility for financing their education.

As opposed to a bank, our support program covers ALL EXPENSES a student may incur during the course of their education, including room and board.

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EDFIN offers 100% Financial Support

  • Students and parents cover costs together

    In other words, students must take responsibility for their own careers and lives, and invest in their own futures. Through this arrangement, students absorb the critical skill of understanding and managing their own financial matters, a value that will remain with them for life.

  • We offer easy EMIs

    We recommend that installments be split between parents and student, who will pay after he or she graduates. Including the four years of undergraduate education, the total cost of education can be repaid in monthly installments over the long term. It’s always economically viable to take loans in a depreciating currency, as over the years the value of the debt taken will decrease. As seen in the graph, the US Dollar has only become more expensive across the years. Moreover, the student will be earning in USD, while paying back his share of the debt in INR.

A college education is a 50-50 joint venture between parents and students: parents undoubtedly have their responsibilities and will meet them, but if a student has a dream, he or she should contribute equally to it. Sometimes the best way parents can support their children is by letting them take ownership of their own lives and careers. And sometimes, the best way students can support their parents is by taking responsibility.