The ultimate objective is to endow students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and life. The program will support students to obtain maximum value from a college education - academically, professionally and socially, all of which are essential to success.

Whether you tend to investigate emerging markets at Goldman Sachs, enhance self-driving cars at Google, or explore the politics of gender at The New York Times, this program is designed for you. Of course, no program can guarantee a student an internship or job, but we help them to give their best shot at achieving their ambitious goals.


Career Exploration

  • Systematically explore all major industries

    For example, in computer science, the elements of the workshop will contain:

    Future of CS - Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social
    Introducing Subfields - AI, Machine Learning, Big Data

  • How to develop your academic path to get to the top

    • Courses you need to maximize development and establish an unique edge
    Internship opportunities
    • Companies that best suit your work profile and personality


Advice from Professionals
in Leading Industries

  • Introductory Webinars

    Advice from speakers at college is often too philosophical to set specific goals within an industry. However, our webinars will feature advice from leading professionals in their respective industries.

    Actionable insights from individuals who have their fingers on the pulse
    • Pointers and resources on resume, cover letter, interview preparation
    • Specialized advice for international students

  • Guidance on getting fellowships, internships and jobs

    Not all top companies come to all universities. Quality support from the university career service departments are not always available, and students often feel lost. This set of webinars provides guidance on how to:

    Maximize the probability of obtaining opportunities in fields of choice
    • Ace fellowships, internships, jobs
    • In economic centers such as New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago, among others


Further Education Options

  • Systematically prepare for your post-undergraduate education

    What precisely must be done to get into prestigious graduate programs - business, law, medical, public policy, etc. This includes:

    • Classes to take during undergrad years
    • Knowledge and skill areas to develop, both in and out of the classroom
    Research to conduct while an undergrad
    Internships and other opportunities to obtain maximum experience in the field

  • Speak with professors and students

    Graduate students who have already walked the path will provide a nuanced roadmap for EDFIN students, so they start off on the right foot, and therefore limit the chances of drifting astray. In the process, dozens of questions will be answered, from
    “What type of job experience is necessary for top business schools?” to
    “What are the special requirements for international applicants to US medical schools?”

Acculturation Webinars

image An overview of the diversity of American cultures and religions

For example, what differentiates a New Yorker from a Californian from a Texan? We also explore the diversity of religions across the American landscape, from Evangelical Christians to Orthodox Jews to New-age Buddhists (and yes, even Scientologists like Tom Cruise).

Integrating you into American culture, socially and professionally

As with any society, America has its cultural norms, and the better you know and practice them, the better your experience in any setting, and the better you fit in. We will discuss matters from etiquette to communication, which are applicable in diverse settings, from the social to the professional.